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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Content Marketing and Planning Masterclass -  Discover the key to content marketing and planning for the New Year.  This Small Business "Mini" Boot Camp (Virtual) workshop is designed for the small business or solo-preneur who struggles with creating a strategy to market and promote their business with content.  In this virtual (online) workshop you will discover:

  • How to build a content plan that puts your income producing assets at the center of your content marketing efforts.
  • How to create money-making content that either builds your lists or convert sales.
  • Where to discover products that you can promote or sell for every piece of content that you create.
  • How you can re-purpose existing content and make it profitable.
  • How to build a content marketing schedule that won't overwhelm you or complicate your life.

Learn everything above and so much more in this workshop.  This workshop has a running time of up to 60 minutes and it includes:

  • Sample Content Planner Templates
  • Listing of Affiliate Resources

Virtual Workshop Cost  - FREE  Click Here to Register.

Saturday & Sunday, January 19-20, 2019 

The Online Marketing Mastermind Live 2-Day Event - 

This Live 2-Day Mastermind event will take place in a board room style setting.  Attendees are required to bring their own laptops.  Attendees will receive hands on training. So come prepared and ready to work.

Over the 2 days you should expect to complete the first steps of your online sales funnel, which will consist of creating your first lead magnet, lead capture page, and email marketing follow-up series.

You can expect to discover the importance of creating the right lead magnet offer that will convert your target customer.  You will not only generate leads but you will also discover how to convert them into sales, because at the end of the day, if it doesn't make dollars it simply doesn't make sense.

Never again will anyone be able to sell you a bill of goods, you will become an empowered and powerful online marketer after attending this event.  This event is perfect for beginners to intermediate level online marketers.  It is also great for small business owners, home-business owners and network marketers.

Day One:

We will cover the following topics & materials:

  • How to create and build a high quality lead capture page using Optimize Press.  This plugin will be added to your WordPress site at no cost.  ($197 value).   These will be short form squeeze pages designed specifically for capturing leads.  You will learn the difference between long form and short form lead pages and you will learn about the different tools that can be used and you will build a page that converts.
  • Create Your Lead Magnet - During this session you will create what we will call your irresistible bribe that will give a lot of value to your prospects.  Your prospects will give you their contact information in exchange for receiving this info.
  • Write the copy for your landing page - We will teach you how to write the copy that converts.
  • Set Up Your Email Software - You will use a professional email marketing software, such as Aweber or Infusionsoft to connect to your lead page.
  • Create your Thank You Page using Optimize Press.
  • Write your Auto-responder emails for your leads. (Homework)

This will be a full day - A lot of pre-work will take place as it will require you to have complete details for your existing site and more!  Laptops are required.

Day Two:

We will cover the following material:

  • We will do a deep dive into Online Marketing and Different Marketing Channels
  • We will determine which Marketing Channel is right for your business
  • We will create a Marketing Plan
  • We will also do a deep diver into Facebook Advertising
  • We will ensure that your Facebook Fan Pages are Optimized and that you're using your Call To Action button effectively.
  • We will cover a wide variety of Facebook Ads and will determine which one is the right format for your business. (e.g. Page Boost, Video Ads, Facebook Live, Long Posts Ads, Educational Based Marketing Ads, Facebook Offers, etc.)
  • Get Ads Approved
  • We will create your first online ad on the platform that is right for your business.
  • We will Generate Leads for your business before you leave the event.

Event Price - $1997 - Click Here to Register (Only 2 tickets Left - On Sales 50% Off)



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Our next class is quickly approaching.  This class is being facilitated by Toni Coleman Brown, founder of the Small Business Boot Camp for Women and the Network for Women in Business.

The topic of the next masterclass is Content Marketing and Planning.  Make sure to secure your seat at no cost to you.  (Future price - $47) Click here to register.



  • Thursday, 3rd Jan
  • 9:00pm EDT

Meet Our Founder, Trainer and Small Business Growth Strategist

Toni Coleman Brown (Expert Trainer & Founder)

Professional Marketer & Small Business Growth Strategist
Toni is an author, small business consultant and growth strategist who founded the Small Business Boot Camp for Women in 2012.  Her vision is to help over 1 million female entrepreneurs to stop struggling to grow their business and find their way to small business success by up leveling their sales and marketing.  She's ready to help you grow.  Are you ready?

What Are You Waiting For?

Our masterclasses and "mini" boot camp events are for the entrepreneurs who are interested in upleveling their sales and marketing.  These courses and classes are for you if:

-You're frustrated by your current level of sales and you're ready to bring in more customers and clients to your business.

-You're ready to receive new and fresh marketing strategies that will bring in proven results.

-You're looking to hear from sales and marketing experts who have an outstanding track record for delivering results.

-You're ready to get behind closed doors with business leaders that are skilled and have knowledge on topics and strategies that you need to know.

-You want to participate in events where you will get trained before the event, during the event and after the event. In other words, you're ready for an event where the learning doesn't stop.

-You want to "get feed" up-to-date and current strategies and techniques that you can use before you even leave the event.

-You want to associate with people who truly care about Y-O-U! 

Our next Small Business "Mini" Boot Camp Date - January 3, 2019

Topic: Content Marketing and Planning

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