2-Payment Option Added to Small Business Boot Camp for Women Event

We are pleased to announce that a 2-payment registration option has been added to the Small Business Boot Camp for Women Sales & Marketing conference.  After years of working with female entrepreneurs, the one thing that we can say is often overlooked in the average entrepreneur’s budget is training and coaching.  Tiger Woods became who he is because he had a coach.  Some of the most successful business owners achieved their greatness because they took the time to invest in training and coaching.  As entrepreneurs there are things that you know and then there are things that you don’t know.  Events like the Small Business Boot Camp for Women Sales & Marketing conference help entrepreneurs to discover things that they may not know like how to attract their ideal clients or how to get more traffic and conversions to their websites.

Our goal with the 2-payment option is to ensure that everyone who wants to attend the conference has the ability to do so.  The conference is already reasonably priced at an early bird rate of $99.95 and regular rate of $147.00.  Events that are similar to this conference are priced at an average of $197.00.  This event includes a buffet lunch and is priced at cost.  The overall value provided by each speaker is worth thousands of dollars.  The venue is conveniently located near Newark Airport, which is probably the most cost effective airport in the U.S. to fly into.   Any small business owners interested in upleveling their business and going to a new level can definitely do this by attending this event.

The Small Business Boot Camp for Women does not disappoint.  Take advantage of the 2-payment option today and register for the Small Business Boot Camp for Women, the world’s premiere sales and marketing event of the year.  Click here to register using the 2-payment option.