90 Days Til the 4th Annual Small Biz Boot Camp for Women

New Header_5_BnW-1When most people hear “boot camp”, they probably immediately think of some crazed fitness coach who will make you complete endless sets of grueling exercises in the hot sun with only water and air for dinner so that you can fit into “that dress”.

The process might hurt in the beginning, but in the end you feel better because of the results.

Well, remove the hot sun, sweat and air for dinner along with the grueling exercises and replace them with cool air conditioning and the  plush décor at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Elizabeth, NJ.  Also, add to that some amazing sales and marketing techniques to immediately boost your revenue offered to you by some of the greatest group of leaders and business experts and you will get the 4th Annual Smart Business Boot Camp for Women.

Only 90 Days Left Before This Amazing Event!

Each year my goal is to provide a platform for women who want to know how to turn their own business into an empire by increasing their sales and marketing efforts. With innovative speakers, and informative workshops, we provide female entrepreneurs with the tools needed to build a steady stream of income.

This year attendees will find sessions loaded with strategies that they will be able to immediately apply to their businesses.  These power-packed messages will come from key experts on topics such as:

  • “How To Ask For The Money & Get It!” with Sales Coach Brian Keith McNeill of http://www.verypersonalsalescoaching.com.
  • “How To Attract Your Ideal Clients & Customers” with Certified Executive Coach Terry Wildemann of http://www.heartcenteredsuccess.com.
  • “How to Master The Art Of Splitting Time” with C. Thomas Gambrell of GBL Seminars
  • “Traffic & Conversion Strategies For Small Businesses” with Champion Builder Success Coach Larry Beacham of http://www.larrybeacham.com.
  • “Rock Your Social Media” with Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services CEO Derrick Guest
  • “Facebook Marketing For Small Business” with Author, Coach, and Speaker Toni Coleman-Brown of http://www.tonicolemanbrown.com.
  • Keynote Address from Empowerment Specialist & Event Strategist Dr. Stacie NC Grant of www.staciencgrant.com.T

This will be the fourth time we’ve had this event and I can’t begin to express how happy it makes me feel when I hear the feedback of what the Boot Camp has done for the hearts of the women who took home the information provided, applied it, and increased life options for themselves and those they love and care for,” says event creator, Toni Coleman Brown. “I not only want you to be there but I need you there because as a leader in business, it’s important to me that we build inheritable communities of success together!

So what folks need to do right now is grab a friend or two and join us on 7/17/15 & 7/18/15 at:

The Crowne Plaza Hotel

901 Spring Street

Elizabeth, NJ 07201

By registering here!  And get ready for a Quantum Leap in your business!

If you’d like to be a vendor at this event, please click here to fill out a quick form and secure your table.