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90 Days Til the 4th Annual Small Biz Boot Camp for Women

When most people hear “boot camp”, they probably immediately think of some crazed fitness coach who will make you complete endless sets of grueling exercises in the hot sun with only water and air for dinner so that you can fit into “that dress”. The process might hurt in the beginning, but in the end […]

No Excuses! You must attend the Small Biz Boot Camp for Women!

There is NO EXCUSE not to attend this event! The price is right. It’s affordable and it’s a business write-off. And it includes food. It’s conveniently located. Did you know that it’s near Newark airport? Which is probably the cheapest airport to fly into in the U.S. And there is free shuttle to take you […]

2-Payment Option Added to Small Business Boot Camp for Women Event

We are pleased to announce that a 2-payment registration option has been added to the Small Business Boot Camp for Women Sales & Marketing conference.  After years of working with female entrepreneurs, the one thing that we can say is often overlooked in the average entrepreneur’s budget is training and coaching.  Tiger Woods became who […]

Dr. Stacie NC Grant named Keynote Speaker

Dr. Stacie NC Grant has been named as the Lunch Keynote Speaker for the 4th Annual Small Business Boot Camp for Women.  Stacie NC Grant is not new to the Network for Women in Business family.  She was a part of the 2014 Bad Girls in Business Telesummit where she rocked the house.  Stacie ignites […]

The 4th Annual Small Business Boot Camp for Women Opens Registration

Registration is now open for the 4th Annual Small Business Boot Camp for Women.  This event promises to be like no other.  Women entrepreneurs are travel from all around the world to attend the world’s premiere sales and marketing conference.  Last year was exceptional and this year promises to be the same.  Every year this […]

#SBBC2015 is the OFFICIAL Hashtag for this year’s event

The official hashtag #SBBC2015 has been registered for this year’s 4th Annual Small Business Boot Camp for Women.  Conference attendees, speakers and promoters are encouraged to use the official hashtag when promoting the event.  Also this hashtag should be used for all social media postings before during and after the event.   “We are more excited […]

Large Attendance Expected at the 2015 SBBC Event

A larger number of attendees are expected at the 2015 Small Business Boot Camp for Women.  Become of the rise of women entrepreneurs more women are hungry for information that will help them to grow and expand their business.  The Small Business Boot Camp for Women is the World’s Premiere Sales and Marketing Conference and […]