Registrations are Pouring In after just 1-Day!

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A Sold Out Event? It’s Quite Possible!

Are you surprised?  We’re not.  Registrations are already pouring in for the 5th Annual Small Business Bootcamp for Women. Every speaker is excited! Past attendees are excited! Everyone is excited!  And there is a good reason for that.  There is something truly special about this event.  What happens at the Bootcamp is beyond training.

Small Businesses Grow Even After the Event is Over!

Last year Stephanie Burroughs attended the Small Biz Bootcamp for Women.  She gained speaking engagements and more from this event.  The Intersect Fund had a vending table at the event and not only closed business at the event, but they continued to pick up clients for months after it was over.

“I think we may have to either take this show on the road or host more than one Bootcamp event each year because the take-a-ways are just that huge.  I am always blown away by the testimonies from both the male and female attendees”, says Toni Coleman Brown.

You may get approved for a small business loan.  You may meet your next business partner.  You may find your next customer.  The possibilities are endless when you attend the Small Business Bootcamp for Women.

Don’t hesitate.  Register today!

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Check out this testimony from last year’s speaker, trainer and coach, Larry Beacham: