Dhylles Davis

With over 15 years of Event Planning Experience and Media Marketing Consulting, Dhylles Davis has been the go to person to many who are in search of that puzzle that will complete their businesses and events. She is highly connected to amazing people within almost every industry whom she has built relationships with due to her charisma and being extremely approachable and supportive.

Dhylles has built a reputation and credibility in connecting the best with the best as she works her magic in helping new clients as well as seasoned clients take their brands, products, services and events to new levels. With an outside the box and live fearless and take risk mentally, her clients are able to set themselves apart from others within their industries when offering events, products and services in such an extraordinary way.

With a listening ear, humble heart and creative mindset, Dhylles knows exactly what her clients need to reach the masses by teaching them the art of storytelling, building relationships and leaving a lasting impression on the minds and hearts of others they touch along the way.

Dhylles has coordinated fashion shows, book signing parties, model casting calls and more. She has worked with Authors, Fashion Designers, Models, Photographers, coaches, consultants, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Bloggers, Online Radio and TV personalities and much more.

With her expertise and hands on approach as lifestyle guru, motivational speaker, host, event planner and media marketing consultant, she knows exactly what it takes to get clients into a positive frame of mind in order to manifest greatness within leading to satisfactory success due to her guidance and knowledge.


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