Shemeka Brathwaite

Ever since I was eight, I grew up wanting to be a fashion designer. I went to the High School of Fashion Industries and then to Syracuse University to major in fashion design. I was so excited to be the only classmate to have a job lined up for me after graduating from college into one of the most competitive industries. Little did I know, I was in for a rude awakening. I was not taught how to navigate corporate politics, manage my workload, speak the business language, and work with diverse professionals of all ages and leadership styles. The worst of it all,  the untold story is that although I spent eight years training formally in the art of fashion design and couture techniques, I lacked confidence and a sense of style. My mindset and appearance resembled what some have called “Mattie Mae: The Premature Grannie.” I was not operating at my true performance potential in my career. I was stressed and filled with anxiety because I was constantly under scrutiny with the Human Resources department and placed on a 30-day performance probation plan or risked termination. I immediately went on a self-discovery mission to learn what I can do flawlessly. Afterwards, everything changed when I identified and focused on confidently applying my signature strengths to my career with astonishing results. I am now on a mission to empower women how to discover, leverage and slay their DISTINCTIVE FACTOR in their careers. I’ve had the opportunity to impact thousands of professionals on their career journey, and for that, I am blessed.


I believe in contributing to my community through the active membership service of civic organizations with missions to educate and empower. Throughout different times in my life, I had the opportunity to serve on the local, regional, national and international level with a variety of organizations. I understand what what attracts, retains and grow members within associations. Today, along with thousands of like minded professionals, I continue to make a significant impact through programmatic initiatives in my spare time.

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