Tina Flood

Mrs. Flood has over sixteen years of educational experiences working in urban, suburban and affluent school districts. She has effectively used her professional experiences to propel her students to higher levels of academic achievement. In addition to transferring her passion for learning and teaching to her students, Mrs. Flood has facilitated multiple district professional development workshops for internal and external district clients.

Mrs. Flood has a unique rapport with students and staff and has been able to transfer her energy, enthusiasm, and passion to create programs and organizations for students. In 2009, she created the first elementary school volleyball team for grades 1-2, and formed a first grade chorus that brought the house down at many different district and township events. Seeing the morale of her colleagues declining, Mrs. Flood started, “Flood’s Inspirations”, a daily dose of positive, encouraging and uplifting quotes essential to giving staff a jolt of renewed strength, energy and camaraderie to aid in servicing their biggest client, their students. She encourages students and staff to commit to their civic duties, especially community service. Mrs. Flood can often be seen in the inner city communities throughout the state of New Jersey, humbly feeding and delivering meals to the less fortunate, packaging school supply bags with her 23 year old and 9 year old sons for children in the surrounding communities, as well as simply lending a hand with various local humanitarian projects.

Mrs. Flood is also a featured speaker every Tuesday on the S.O.S (Strategies of Success) blog radio. She is a powerful positive force and uses her public speaking platform to reiterate that:

Mrs. Flood believes that there is a direct connection between a person’s perception of self and their overall growth. Therefore, if people learn the skills needed to continuously design a successful life, they will become “EFFECTIVE” in their personal and professional environments and not “AFFECTED” by their challenges.

Mrs. Flood believes in the power of paying it forward and has assisted many individuals in professional, social and financial endeavors. It is because of who Mrs. Flood is and her vision to do more and be more that she has given birth to her Inspirational and Motivational tutoring company, No Fear University, which is the second business endeavor under her NO FEAR, LLC umbrella. NO FEAR definitely defines the spirit and personality of Mrs. Flood, because she is always in pursuit of excellence and is never afraid to take risks and overcome all obstacles in order to know more, become more, and give more.

Her educational and professional philosophy can be summed up in the words of Albert Einstein-“Imagination is More Important Than Knowledge” and Steve Jobs who said, “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

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