Yvelle Lisa

A mother of 3, who’s life was devastated when after 30 years her husband told her, he didn’t want to be married anymore. Was I crushed? Yes! However, after much prayer and self-reflection I realized that my life wasn’t over because, I was getting a divorce but, it was time for a new chapter to begin. I dug deep and remembered all the hopes and dreams, I gave up for myself to be a wife and mother.  Do I regret it? Absolutely not!  However, I thought of how many women are potentially in this situation and don’t know how to pick up the pieces, rewrite their story of happily ever after and begin a new chapter?

To say that Yvelle’s testimony at “There is Hope Women’s Empowerment Seminar” was MIND BLOWING would not suffice. Her courageous expression of overcoming financial abuse and neglect was enough to fill many eyes with tears of empathy and outpouring love!


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