The Small Business Boot Camp for Women New Direction

small business boot camp

The 2018 Small Business Boot Camp for Women took place on Saturday, October 20th at the Radisson Hotel in New Rochelle, NY.  Female entrepreneurs traveled from all across the U.S. to hear from experts deliver content on sales and marketing.

The first speaker was event founder Toni Coleman Brown who discussed the importance of content marketing and how it can positively impact the bottom line of businesses.  She also discussed how to improve website conversions.  The topics were well received by the audience who took copious notes.

Tina Flood’s talk on How to Be a Fearless Entrepreneur wowed the audience.  Her energy was contagious.

Excitement filled the air when the dynamic sale trainer Brian Keith McNeill took the stage.  Brian’s style had the audience on their feet as they learned the importance of listening when closing sales.  Brian had some awesome give-a-ways that had the ladies eager to win.

The Small Business Boot Camp Afternoon Sessions

During lunch the group heard from Lucinda Cross-Otiti.  Lucinda is known for her ACTIVATE conference.  She had a motivating talk that tied in to her new book titled, “The Big Ask.”  She discussed with the women how important it is to simply ask.  Lucinda delivered an on-time message.  You could see the light bulbs go off in the heads of each guest as she spoke.

The afternoon sessions of the Small Business Boot Camp included panelist and additional speakers such as Khalilah Webster who showed the entrepreneurs how to level up their entrepreneurial efforts and Beltkiss Sanborn who showed the women how to rock their Instagram accounts.

Overall the event was an enormous success.

What’s next for the Small Business Boot Camp for Women

The event Founder, Toni Coleman Brown has said that what’s next for this event in 2019 is several Small Business “Mini” Boot Camp events.  “These MINI Boot Camps will take place in multiple locations as well as virtually.  They will be half day workshops live and 2 hour sessions when done virtually.  I believe that I can impact more people if I conduct some of these events online and travel to some of our key markets,” said Brown.  “We hope to announce the schedule very soon and conduct our first virtual session before the end of this year.”

Therefore, all of the fans of the Small Business Boot Camp for Women will have an opportunity to experience some aspect of the event all year long.

Are you interested in speaking on the Small Business Boot Camp for Women platform?  If yes, then send an email to with your workshop synopsis and learning objectives to be considered.  Also include your photo and bio with your submittal.